Wedding Flowers 101

February 6, 2016

And this week, we talk about flowers. I LOVE flowers, and sometimes I think it can be overwhelming because there is so much to choose from, different flowers, different styles, are they in season, how much would it cost…

Toronto florist DeLight Floral is one of my favourite vendor and she’s here to give us a few tips!

Can you chat with us on the trends you are seeing for 2016 wedding season?

It varies every year. In 2015 I saw a lot of brides gravitating towards bright colours and lots of textures, which was surprising because usually the romantic pastels are always the classic popular demand. I have a feeling that a lot of brides will go back to this trend and we’ll be seeing a lot of beautiful pastels for 2016.


(Image via After Glow)

What are the top 3 tips you would give engaged couples when choosing their wedding flowers?

The top three tips I tell my clients to focus on are: the general concept/feel of the wedding, venue choice and desired colour theme. The reason I say this is that a lot of couples worry about using in-season flowers. However at deLight, we use a variety of blooms whether it is high-end, fillers and greenery no matter if they are in-season or not. So as long as the couples have a clear vision of the concept, venue and colour we at deLight can create the floralsof your wedding dreams.

bridal bouquet

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Typically, when should the bride and groom decide to book a florist?

As early or as late as they want! I like to be flexible with my couples so if anything changes even 2 months before their wedding, I’ll work with the couple to make it happen. Ultimately our mantra at deLight is to give our couples the flowers that they want.


(Image via Ripe Resolution)

Any love stories you want to share in the spirit of engagement season?

Every engagement story is special and unique to the couple. Personally, I love the simple proposals where it’s just the couple telling each other why they want to spend the rest of their lives together. And of course, a big party with family and friends afterwards to celebrate!


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