Vendor Spotlight: Sweet Table

March 21, 2014

So for those who don’t know me, I love home baking, I bake alot (well more often before I became a mom), and trying my hand on decorating as well. I grew up in a household where my mom baked all the time, which is probably where I got my love for baking from.

So when I came across Sweet Table one day, I instantly knew that there was something special about them. They remind me of simple home baking, with exceptional design.

About them in their own words:
We started Sweet Table with the idea that sweets + design can live on the same table.
We’re about:
the SWEETS; creating delightful homemade desserts, vintage hand made candies and mouth watering chocolates
and DESIGN; Stunning backdrops and decor. From concept to design, we create unforgettable dessert vignettes.
So check out some of their gorgeous and yummy work here! This is one of their favourite events that they had a chance to be part of: Wedding Open House at 2nd Floor Events in which they created not just 1, but 3 wedding sweet tables! Here’s what they have to say about all the details they put in!
Our Classic Sweet Table setup consisted of a peach fondant covered cake with a gold royal icing cage, vanilla stacked sugar cookies and  macaroons (rose and vanilla). This was styled with fresh greenery and clear servingware to keep the table feeling fresh while allowing the desserts to shine. This Caged Cake was the most sensitive cake we made to date. Doesn’t stop it from being one of our favorites! P.S. There’s even a cage on top! Hanging above were three velvet rose balls for some added drama and texture.
Setup B-15 Setup B - classic
Our Vintage Sweet Table setup consisted of a lemon sprinkle cake, french vanilla ruffle cake, home made cookies and creme marshmallows, rock candy and mini cupcakes (toffee & chocolate) from Desmond & Beatrice This sweet table was surrounded by birch trees. Hanging from one end to the other, over the table was a “Love is Sweet” burlap banner we made. We used a variety of clear, porcelain and jade stands with burlap accents to soften the glass. All paper toppers were handmade by us.
Setup A - vintage
Our Modern Sweet Table setup had a 50 Shades of Grey spin to it. This sweet table consisted of an ombré square cake with hand painted sugar anemones, ombré stamped fondant vanilla sugar cookies and marble cake pops. We used white servingware for this setup to best display the various shades of grey that were created. For a sultry, playful sexy feel we added some delicate touches of lace and severed the cake pops on individual serving spoons. It’s okay to splurge – no one’s watching! Above hung three asymmetrical ombré painted wood frames.
Setup C-08 Setup C - modern
I love these girls!! Seriously. As they say, creativity is endless and so are the flavor and dessert options. You can come to them with the whole plan or just a favorite flavor, and they have the rest covered.
So go on, indulge and connect with them!
Sweet Table
Twitter: @Sweettableca
Instagram: @Sweettableca
Stephanie Brown, The Baker.
Twitter: @CupcakesSundry
Instagram: @Stfnebrown
Izabela Chmielewska, Sweets Stylist.
Twitter: @Sweets_Stylist
Instagram: @Sweets_Stylist

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