Vendor spotlight: Blair Nadeau Millinery

March 14, 2014

I love the wedding industry as you all may know. I love all the people I’ve met, and I love how they have constantly inspire me with their talents, encouragement and support. So as my token of appreciation for them,  I wanted to do a short series of posts of some of the talented vendors I adore working with! It’s also a bit of a personal indulgence for me to listen to stories behind their creations as I’m always curious about them.

Today, my first feature – the talented Blair Nadeau Millinery . I love her work since the beginning, and to have gotten chances to work with her here and here had been such a treat! I asked Blair what her top 3 favourite pieces she had designed in the past year and why so, and the inspiration behind them. So here are her gorgeous pieces!!

  • Ava Headsash Veil

Blair Nadeau Millinery - Ava Veil
Blair:– the Ava was the first piece that I created for the 2014 collection back last February. It was created custom for a photoshoot and I fell in love with it so much, that it became the inspirational piece for the entire collection.
I love that it is comprised of 3 separate pieces so that I creates 3 completely different looks for the bride! Its modern, yet has a whimsical vintage edge to it.

  • Kenna Crown

Blair Nadeau Millinery - Kenna Crown (1) Blair Nadeau Millinery - Kenna Crown (2)

Blair: – this is one of my favourite crowns from the 2014 collection. As my work has been featured quite often on the television show REIGN, I’ve been creating a side line of crowns that are inspired by Mary Queen of Scots and her Ladies in Waiting. This piece was inspired by the character Kenna on the show. I love the whimsy behind it, the double headband that sparkles with crystals and the tiny handpressed silk flowers.
Last week this piece was featured on REIGN, worn by Lola, not Kenna (though she did wear the Aylee Crown) I have recently designed a crown for Lola, but it is in the 2015 collection! You’ll have to wait and see!

  • Benater Spiked Beret

Blair Nadeau Millinery - Benetar

Blair: I absolutely adore this hat for purely selfish reasons. Although I specialize in Bridal, I’m a punk rocker at heart and love playing with studs! The Benater was blocked with a special block that I had custom made in a larger beret shape. It is blocked with wool felt and the first piece in my collection that is wool based. I had such a fantastic time drilling and riveting the spikes into the hat to create this fantastic punk rock bridal look.

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