Tips for wedding budget

November 15, 2013

So, you had dreamt about your wedding your whole life. Or you could also be one who have absolutely no idea what you want for your big day. Either way, the time has come to plan your wedding. Where do you begin with the budgeting?

  1. My first advice is be realistic! Set a realistic budget. Most couples I’ve met have told me they would like to try to save as much money as possible, but at the same time not understanding how much things can cost.  It’s by no means anyone’s fault, everyone of course wants the best of everything.
  2. Decide what matters most to you. For example, for me personally, photography was my number 1 priority when I was getting married. I felt that beautiful and quality pictures are what I’ll have left to look back on physically after the wedding, so I was willing to spend more on it. You may have different priorities. Perhaps you would like to allocate a bigger chunk of your budget to great music and entertainment because you want your guests to remember what an awesome time it was with that.
  3. Remember, not all DIY projects will necessary save your money. Sometimes it does, but sometimes, it adds up to more than having a professional person handle it.

But above all, my most important advice to all engaged couples is spend what you can afford. Try to start your new life together without wedding debts. Here’s a great article I came across from   Credit Card Insider along with more tips and tricks about financial planing for weddings. Also check out their useful resource –  Wedding Budget Calculator

Wedding Budget Calculator from Credit Card Insider

Happy Planning!!



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