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December 6, 2013

I’ve been so behind from blogging, forgive me. It’s just been crazy busy heading to holiday season. So I’m catching up.

Let me start with I love love love being part of this wedding. For those who know me well, would know I love learning about the culture and traditions of different countries. Here I had the opportunity of witnessing a union of 2 amazing people – from a background that’s rich in culture. Indian and Korean. Everything had a symbolic meaning. From the beginning of the ceremony called Baarat, where the groom and his family and friends make a grand entrance with lots of ‘noises’ that brings on the festive and happy mood, to the calming Korean ceremony called Paebaek.

While the both ceremonies were traditional, their reception is alot more casual, far from what we hear about big Indian weddings. It was simple. It was beautiful. It was a lunch reception with the closest people in their lives – and I could see how close knit these families are, and what strong family values they have. I would like if I say I didn’t get choked up watching these 2 get married, watching these 2 say their heartfelt speech, watching the 2 families come together. I understand how tough it is for some tradional families to have cross cultural weddings, coming from a inter-racial relationship myself, so this wedding has a very special meaning in my heart.

I am so so happy for them, and I wish them all the joy in their lives together!

*At the request of the bride and groom, I will not be posting pictures of the bride and groom, but here are a few from the ceremony and reception.

ceremony indian_wedding paebaek table numbers

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