I want to grow old with you

September 25, 2015

I recently celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary. When we got married, we had Adam Sandler’s song “I want to grow old with you” during our slideshow. We felt it was most fitting.

Often times, I look at elderly couples who hold hands, strolling down the street or a park, I’m in awe. I have even seen older couples having date nights. I love the sight!! So sweet. So romantic.

Marriage is not an easy journey.

Everyday, we learn more about each other. We sometimes have to remind ourselves that we need to continue to work on our relationship and marriage. And these pictures speaks of the best!! To me,true love is looking at each other’s flaws, work on them, and most importantly laugh at and with each other still after!

To all you who are newly engaged, the newlyweds, and the married ones for a while – remember true love grows with age!! I hope that my hubs and myself, will grow old together, happily, just like these pictures! 🙂 Let us all live and love!









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