Happy Mother’s Day

May 10, 2014

This is kind of a personal blog post. I wanted to remember it.

I had one of the best meeting today. Bride to be. And mom. When you hear mom of the bride to be coming for the meeting, you might be like..”Is she THAT kind of mom?” She’s not. From the first email I received from her mom, it had never crossed my mind other than it’s super sweet that her mom is doing all these things for her. I spent about 1.5 hours chatting with both of them, I fell in love with them, their mother-daughter relationship, the close knit family they have. I watched as they told stories, their laughter, their bond.

I never got a chance to share these moments with my mom for my wedding as my mom passed away when I was 17.  So watching this special bond really really really touched my heart! I am stoked to be part of this wedding, and cannot wait for it!

I’m lucky to be in this business, my passion is not just weddings, but connecting to people and hearing their stories. Today reminded me why I love this job. Today reminded me how special it is to be able to witness this kind of bond, and having an opportunity to experience this along with them what I couldn’t have.

And this is somehow perfect timing for Mother’s Day.

Happy early Mother’s Day to all your fabulous moms out there!


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