Grooms’ Style

May 2, 2014

I always say this –  nothing beats a well-tailored, custom suit on a man, on their wedding day.  Sexy. Smart. yes.. did I mention something about a tailored suit makes a man even sexier?

SO, here’s the deal – with BM Bespoke, you can get customized suits for your big day, and get it delivered right to your door in 2 weeks! It can be a completely mobile service – they will come to you door, with different customization options and as many as 3000 fabrics to choose from. Once the final design is picked, they will take your measurements and make the suit. They only deal with  custom suits, and nothing off the rack. Pricing ranges from $550-3000. With any of my clients, they are now offering 20% discount!

Now seriously, would you want to look this good? 🙂





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