3 tips to finding a wedding photographer

November 12, 2015

As a wedding planner, I also have a network of photographers I love and work very closely with. While helping to plan my clients’ weddings, I also recommend them if they have not have a photographer in mind already.Photography is a very personal choice. Every photographer has their own take on the best way to tell a story through their photos.


(Photo via Krista Fox Photography)

There are many advice on how to choose a photographer out there, so I’m going to focus on key 3 tips on finding a great photographer for your wedding.


  • Decide on the style

This is important. Do you research, and decide what style of photography you love. Do you like a photo journalistic style – where candid moments are captured as they happened. Shots of people and the action that is happening in general to tell the story of the day. Or do you prefer a more traditional portraits (posed) photos? Do you also want to consider a edgy style, more post processing which usually includes more dramatic shots. You may also want to consider if you like film or digital photographers. Review the photographers portfolios and albums, and compare a few to see what reflects you best.


  • Budget

While you choose a photography style,  decide on your wedding budget. Some people may not want to spend as much money, and have other priorities they would like to focus on their wedding, for example, flowers and entertainment. Whatever your budget is, set a realistic budget. Do your homework – compare the different packages that the photographer offers. For example, how many albums are included in the package? Can you add on the albums later on if you do not want to include them when you book? Is engagement shoot included? Will all the photos be provided to you on a dvd or USB or an online album where you can print on your own? How many hours would you need the photographer for, and if you need them longer than initially booked, what is the hourly overtime rate?


  • Personalities compatibility

I personally think this is one of the most important thing. Set up interviews with 3-4 photographers that you think you would like to book based on style and budget. Chat with them in person, ask lots of questions, tell them your visions and expectation. See if you bond with your photographer. If you love your photographer, and you connect with them, it will reflect in your photos. You will feel more comfortable having your pictures taken, and most of all, you trust what they can do, and that they will do the best for you!


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