Tips on choosing wedding invitations

May 12, 2016


So let’s talk wedding invitation! There are so many amazing people who create beautiful options out there. So as you settle all the other wedding vendors, now it’s on to invitations. My multi-talented friend (I mean seriously, this girl can do it all!) at Paper Peony Design is here to give a few insights to choosing your wedding stationary.


Custom stationary designs vs invitations template online – what are your thoughts on it?

Both custom and collection stationery are great options for wedding stationery. First off lets define each option;Online or “Semi-custom” invitation suites are pre-designed styles that allow the couple to make basic changes to the design such as the colours and fonts of the existing scheme.

Custom invitations… well, its exactly as it sounds. A completely unique design created just for you. The biggest benefit of going custom is that your invitations will be completely custom tailored to you and your big day. You will have the opportunity to see your vision come to life, and be involved in the design process from start to finish, which can be a very fulfilling experience. Also, no other couple will have your same design, which is extra romantic! Custom work can run pricier though (about 30-50% higher) and may not fit into every budget. Timing is also a key factor in choosing custom, with revisions and drafts floating back and forth between you and your designer, the process could take up to a month before printing starts.

On the other hand Semi-custom invitations offer you a wide variety of designs, and add-ons that will fit within any budget. There are so many beautiful designs ready for order online now; one will most likely fit within your wedding theme and be ready weeks before custom work. There will however be limited personalization for colours and font choices.

At the end of the day, sending out an invitation that reflects you as a couple and the vision you have for your wedding day is all that matters, whether it be through a design you fell in love with in a collection or one you have dreamed up with your loved one.

boho wedding toronto

boho wedding toronto

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Budgets are always a key thing in wedding planning. What do you advise couples to focus on when it comes to wedding stationary? Where should they focus their budget on? And what do you recommend for splurging? (Ie letterpress etc)

Many brides are surprised by the cost of wedding invitations, and may not have budgeted properly for this wedding necessity, especially with pinterest and blogs putting expensive designs in your head. The average bride will need an invitation, save the date, RSVPs, and envelopes for each piece.

With those pieces being a must, I would suggest brides price out the basics with their designer first and see where they are in their budget. If you are still comfortable to spend more after getting the quote back from your designer, I would suggest adding on;

-envelope liners -envelope addressing -details cards -custom stamps -letterpress printing

These extras, although not necessary really finish off your design. They give your suite a cohesive look and bring elements from your invitations into every piece of your stationery.

farm weddings ontario

farm weddings ontario

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How far ahead do you recommend couples to have their invitations done and sent out?

Traditionally, invitations go out six to eight weeks before the wedding — that gives guests plenty of time to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements if they don’t live in town. If it’s a destination wedding, give guests more time and send them out three months ahead of time.

Alot of couples are choosing to have no wedding registry, instead prefers monetary gifts. What would you advise for wording and the right etiquette in the invitation?

Lets be honest, there is never an easy way to ask for money. However your wedding attendants are most likely your close family and friends, who will understand where you are coming from and will be happy to spare themselves the worry of finding a gift off of a registry. My suggestion for wording is to be honest, if you are saving for a house or a renovation simply say that. If you are still uncomfortable asking for money, give your guests the option to buy off a registry or to buy a gift card to your preferred home improvement store. Your invitation could read, “The couple is preparing for an exciting home renovation, a gift card to Ikea or monetary gift would be so appreciated as they start their new life together.”

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What is your process like – do you offer clients to see paper sample, how many drafts, colour board etc?

I try to make the process as easy for my couples as possible and as tailored to their needs as I can. If that means conversing over email strictly because they don’t have the time to schedule me in, that is how we do it. If they want to meet up in person to see how each step in the process is moving along, we meet up.

As for the design process, firstly I get my couples to tell me a bit about themselves, the theme of their wedding and to share any inspirations or visions they had for their stationery. I provide a short form for them to fill out that guides them through pinning down what they are looking for and their needs.

After we have confirmed a style and the boring paperwork is done, we move onto the fun stuff! I get to work on a mood board and drafts of the invitation, I provide about 3 – 5 drafts depending on my clients needs. We then chat about their likes and dislikes and decide on a final draft. Any other pieces requested, such as a save the date and rsvp are then created to compliment the invitation design. From there we make any final tweaks, and once approved by the couple, I send then designs to print. The whole process can take between 2 – 4 weeks depending on my clients’ response time.

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