Choosing the perfect wedding cake

February 1, 2016

Wedding planning can be overwhelming! This week, I chatted with Toronto wedding cake designer Cakelaine on wedding cake trends and tips on choosing your wedding cake and making the right decisions. Her cakes are a work of art!

  • What are some trends you are seeing for 2016?

I am still seeing a LOT of pastel colours, mostly rose and blush tones and lots of delicate florals. I think mainly because bride-to-be’s are raving about the new Pantone colours of 2016; rose quartz and serenity which I’m absolutely loving by the way! Marbling (paired with bold florals) is also becoming a trend that I saw nearing the very end of 2015 and into 2016. Marbling adds texture and colour without having to gob on those thick silicon moulds we usually see! It keeps within the realm of delicacy that I see carrying into 2016.


(photo credit: Olive Photography)

  • What are the top 3 tips you would give the engaged couple when deciding on their cake?

I would have to say, leave a budget for your cake as it will act as a beautiful focal point at the event. With that being said, also have an idea of a colour pallet/ pictures of inspiration when attending a consultation. Things like photos of decor, table scapes and venue are ideal for us cake artists to get a real feel of your special day (Pinterest boards are AWESOME for this). It does help to have pictures of other cakes but, my last piece of advise is to please keep in mind, as cake artists; we don’t love taking other artists’ designs and copying them. It just doesn’t feel right taking someone else’s creative processes and passing them off as our own. Although, we will work with clients to pin point what exactly they like about the cake, and transfer that technique to their custom design.


(Photo credit: Strokes Photography)

  • When should the┬ábride to be book your sevices?

Typically for a wedding cake, it’s best to finalize your booking between 2-1.5 months before your wedding. Regarding sweet tables, I usually ask couples to finalize booking minimum 2 months prior. Consultations, however, should be made 1 week or so before the final booking so this allows the designer enough time to send you quotes and deal with any changes.


(Photo credit: Simple Lace Photography)


  • During cake tasting, how many flavours do you provide?

During a tasting I allow couples 3 different flavour options. At Cakelaine, I change the flavours bi-annually depending on the seasons so, couples booking now, for summer weddings are able to try the spring/summer 2016 flavours. Also, keeping the selection down to 3 flavours, allows enough “room” for variety without causing “room” for confusion/not being able to decide on a flavour.


(photo credit: Olive Photography)

  • Would they be able to change the flavours after booking? When would be the dateline to decide or change?

Any changes can be made up until 21 days before the wedding. No changes are allowed after the 21 days, and whatever was decided upon before the 21 days will be applied to the order. Just another tid bit; couples ordering a full service sweet table, like to place minimum orders (throughout the couple of months leading up to the wedding) to taste the pastries they have selected for their table. This also allows for any flavour changes before the 21 days.