My love and passion for weddings

December 16, 2014

I love my past clients. I considered myself very lucky that some of them has becomes my friends over the time.

This short little clip was shot by one of my past clients. She’s starting out her videography business, so if you ever need her services, give me a shout – I can provide you with her details. This girl is not only talented, but she’s super fun and awesome. I promise you she will do all that she can to make you the happiest person. I’m not the most comfortable person on camera to be honest. She sat down with me for a quick interview about Willow Rose Events, my passion, my whole idea behind starting this business. And this short little clip actually summarizes everything that I would love for you to know why for me, weddings isn’t just a wedding. It’s the personal connection, it is what I’m passionate about.

Willow Rose Events – Toronto Wedding Planner and Stylist from Willow Rose Events on Vimeo.