Top 5 Celebrity Weddings 2014

December 22, 2014

Alright I have to admit, I love indulging in celebrity gossips. What’s more when it’s celebrity weddings?! Since it’s coming to the end of the year, and they are so many beautiful weddings that has happened this year, I wanted to choose my favourite ones! (purely based on my personal preference on the style and of course the dress!)

In no particular order, these are my top 5 celebrity weddings of 2014!

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

Absolutely love her whole style, the ponytail, the cream cashmere sweater, the tulle skirt.. so Carrie Bradshaw to me!

063014-olivia-palermo-480 063014-olivia-palermo-594

Amal Allamudin and George Clooney

I think Amal Allamudin is stunning, and I think her dress was a classic beauty!


Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

For me, everything in this wedding had a little bit of me in it. hahaa. So I might be extra bias. I love the sparkle in the dress. I love all the hanging flowers, it feels romantic yet can be whimsical at the same time. It feels like a storybook wedding.

jessica simpson wedding

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

I cannot go without mentioning their wedding. Angelina Jolie’s dress! I know for some people it may be too much for them to have the kids drawings and doodles on her veil and dress, but I think this is just a great example how each individual’s wedding reflects their personality. And I think it is absolutely the sweetest thing that she has incorporated something so personal to her dress and veil.  Unusual for some critics but I think it is SO special!



Jenny Mccarthy and Donny Walhberg

Something about this wedding – the red roses. the red lips, the classic curls in her hair – all makes it one classy wedding for me.


Luca’s will to live

December 17, 2014

I contemplated whether to post this here, as this is a personal post, and not exactly something that is business related. However I think that this is a story that is so truly amazing, and it has touched me so much that I would love to share with everyone and in hopes that it will help raise more money for this little guy to support his will to live and towards his recovery.

A few months back, I read this story about Luca – a 21 month old toddler who almost drowned. Doctors predicted he will not survived, and if he did, he would be blind and deaf. He not only was brought back to life after 27 minutes, he is not blind or deaf! He is in need of extensive treatments that unfortunately isn’t covered by insurance right now.

This little guy has inspired me so much with strength. He has also brought so much hope into so many people’s life, in my opinion. In November, I wanted to do more than what I’ve donated, and together with a friend did a small little fundraiser for him. We made and sold air plants terrariums. In 2 weeks, we raised close to $2600 and sold 248 of them.  It’s not a big amount but we are so happy to help him in a small way. All profits are donated to Luca and his family towards his recovery.  I also hope that this post inspires you – that you too could do something small for the Luca, small but big impact for them.

To learn more about Luca – please visit Luca’s Will to Live.