Truvelle – Part 2: A chat with Gaby

November 4, 2014

I got to have a quick chat with Gaby, the girl behind the beautiful dresses of Truvelle when she came down to Toronto for her trunk show at Sash and Bustle.

So happy to be able to meet and talk to her. Not just pure talent, but her bubbly personality and her passion while attending to the brides that came in proves she’s as amazing as I imagine! Here are excerpts from our chat!

What was the inspiration behind the name “Truvelle” when you first started? And behind the 2015 collection?

Truvelle is an original word inspired by the French word “trouvaille”, which means “something lovely discovered by chance; a windfall”. It’s always tough for me to answer gown inspiration questions, as the designs are simply a result of elements I think look lovely together! I wish I could say they were based off a theme or experience – but perhaps upcoming collections will follow that formula.

What would you say your signature style is? For me, I remember the first time I saw your dress, and it was that sparkle, and that free flowing feel to the dress that caught my eye.

I’ve definitely become known for my rose gold sequins, but I consider my style effortless, refined, and modern.

Also, always curious about this, how do you come up with names for your dresses?

I named my first collection after the women who helped turn Truvelle into a reality : Madison branded Truvelle, Kristy does all of Truvelle’s photography, Cheylene/Michelle/Julia/Rochelle are all wonderful friends, and Merly is my mum. Truvelle’s 2015 collection was named after streets in cities I traveled to over the year, and the descriptions were excerpts from my travel diary.