Polo Theme Surprise Birthday Bash

March 11, 2014

This was a really fun party for me. I got to be challenged, and I got to work on all these little details for it; it’s one of the things I love about working personal events like these. This was special one – Emily  wanted to throw her husband a big surprise 40th birthday party, one that he wouldn’t forget! It was a good night with an oyster bar (provided by Oyster Boy), espresso bar(provided by Espresso Uno) , photobooth by Bside Photography and not forgetting the awesome band St Royals for their live music!

Why Polo theme? Her husband used to be a polo player, and has always love horses all through growing up, till today. They have a farmhouse with 4 horses in Kleinburg. She wanted the party to resemble a polo lounge, and so I turned Rosehill Venue Lounge into one!

From sewing cushions to personalized equestrian theme jars and candle holders and polo pictures, I carefully crafted the details together with Emily to pull this vision together! I really wish I brought my camera to take more pictures of the details, but I regretfully forgot. Kicking myself for that! I wish I can show you more!!!  But here’s about all I have. Thanks to Lisa Bang Photography for snapping some pictures for me!!!

polo birthday_rosehill lounge_2

These domes have special meanings – it reflects important stages of his life. Here is actually his newborn picture and announcement card as well as his baby shoes!

polo birthday_rosehill lounge_13

And in this dome, it’s his next stage of life – marriage and his own son!

polo birthday_rosehill lounge_4 polo birthday_rosehill lounge_5 polo birthday_rosehill lounge_7 polo birthday_rosehill lounge_11 polo birthday_rosehill lounge_12  polo birthday_rosehill lounge_14

polo birthday_rosehill lounge polo birthday_rosehill lounge_3 polo birthday_rosehill lounge_6 polo birthday_rosehill lounge_9 polo birthday_rosehill lounge_10

And just a few from my phone:

polo birthday_rosehill lounge_16

polo birthday_rosehill lounge_17polo birthday_rosehill lounge_15 polo birthday_rosehill lounge_20