Granite Brewery | Carly & Jesse | Toronto, On

October 16, 2013

I met Carly and Jesse and their adorable son beginning of January this year, and I fell in love with this this little family instantly. Getting to know them felt so natural, I love all their ideas, and I love we could talk about not just about weddings, but everything else. Their wedding was full of little cute details. My favourite was the customized menus from Papier Lapin. A cow on the menu indicates beef meal selection, and the carrot indicates the guests had selection a vegetarian meal! And the outfit that their son wore..I could go on and on..but I’ll let the pictures speak for itself. For more pictures of this fun wedding, click here for my facebook page.

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Professors Lake Recreation | Burmese Wedding | Toronto, On

October 13, 2013

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending my couple’s traditional Myammar (Burmese) wedding ceremony. For me, it’s a treat, I love experiencing different cultures, and witnessing traditional rites. Also having born and raised in the South East Asia, this ceremony very much feels like home to me.

This is a not religious ceremony but about the getting together of families and for the bridal couple to pay respects to their elders. As we sat down, there were little notes explaining what the ceremony is like. Quoting from the card – There are 4 main parts to this ceremony; processional, paying of respects, binding of  the hands to signify a life-long union as husband and wife, and a garland presentation- an auspicious custom, where another couple of long marital standing and of only one marriage bestows the garlands on the couple. Following this, 3 monks give their blessings to the couple. After all is done, coins and popcorns are thrown in the air for prosperity and a white string which was blessed was handed out to all the guests as a blessing, and for good luck.

What stood out for me, was how humble this was. After the garland presentation, the husband of the couple who presented the garland made a short speech giving 5 advice to them. The one I remembered the most was to “live within your means”. It was simple.  I felt the thoughtfulness, the truthfulness, and the practicality of these advice.

I am very thankful to be invited to this. Their families and friends of this Burmese community are the warmest and most genuine people I’ve ever met.  Honestly. To be bold, they made me feel like family. They held my hands and taught me about their culture, their food (which was amazing by the way), the history, and even a recipe! – all within a few hours.

This is the best part of my job! Connecting with the real people. So thank you to the Velasquez and De Guzman family for having me there!

Now on to the part 2 of their wedding very soon..counting down to next week!

A couple of pics from my iphone:b&gtraditionalimageprocessional


And thanks for my friend from Karen S. Photography for coming along, to take some great pics for this as well!






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